Hi.  I’m Stephanie.   Born and Bred in Maryland.  I love to travel, garden, meditate, read, make jewelry, and, yes, take pictures.  For me, these are all exercises of the heart.


I shoot intuitively.  When I pick up the camera I photograph what moves me.  Form – lines, curves, shapes –texture, and color – bright or muted - catch my eye.  I particularly love creating abstract photos.  Light, speed, and motion are my tools for transforming the “reality’ of that form and color.   Through abstract photography, I can turn ugly or ordinary into beautiful and extraordinary.  And turning off that left brain logic button and amping up the right brain creativity button turns into a keen introspective exercise for both of us. I love the incredible difference in viewer’s reactions to my abstract photographs.  It means that this is not just about me sharing my own personal expression.   Unhindered by recognizable form and substance, each viewer, whether comfortable with abstract or not, is free to engage in his or her own individual interpretation of what the photograph represents.


I’m equally jazzed when someone tells me that any of my other photographs, whether it be nature, people, or travel, soothed them when they weren’t feeling well.  I love it when I’m told a photo made someone feel like they could reach out and touch the subject of the photo or that they were right there with me.  It makes my day when someone tells me a photo brought them real joy. Then I know I’ve done my job well. 


This site reflects a sample of my work.   I’m honored by your visit.  Come back again soon!


- Stephanie